Welcome to web Sucesores de Julian Jimenez Garcia S.L. Company located in the south of Spain, town of Archivel, Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia).

This company with family business devoted to all commercialization of domestic animal skins servant in farms for food human consumption in which the skins are a by-product that we take advantage.

Specially of this company is Spanish domestic rabbit skins servants in farms and all product and by-product relations with them with great capacity for export.

Rabbit is not a endangered species therefore these skins are not subject to the CITES certificate (Washington Convention). The scientific name of rabbit skins is “Oryctolagus Cuniculus”.

This web is a bet for the new technologies to improve the quality and to speed up the communication with our habitual clients and with those what will be in a next future. Do not doubt to consult us, we are sure that you won’t be sorry.
This web is a new commitment technologies to improve quality and streamline communication with our regular clients and those who will be in the near future.

Faithful to our work philosophy, result of many years of experience dedicated to the sector our objective is always to supply the best products to our clients.